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Broadband Speed Test

For the most accurate speed test results, please close other applications on your computer except for your web browser while running this test. Using this speed test on a private network with more than one device may decrease the reported speed due to the Internet activity related to the additional device(s).

What is the purpose of this speed test?

Our speed test attempts to measure the maximum bandwidth or how fast your computer can talk to a server by downloading and uploading sample files, then measuring how much traffic passed during that period of time.

What browsers are supported?

Only modern browsers are supported (IE 11, latest Edge, latest Chrome, latest Firefox, latest Safari).

Are all speed tests (and speed test servers) the same?

No. In order to test your broadband connection speed and prove what it is capable of, it is best to test from the closest server to you. All bandwidth calculations and TCP settings (language your computer uses with other computers) on your computer and web servers are based on latency, so the farther away the server is from your location the less chance you will get maximum performance. The AP&T Broadband Speed Test is located at our network edge and therefore the closest most reliable speed test you can perform.

How can my computer or local network affect my broadband Internet performance?

When measuring performance, it is important to shutdown any unnecessary applications when conducting tests. In some cases, your firewall, antivirus, Wi-Fi connection, Ethernet cabling, and additional hubs/routers/switches can cause a decrease in performance. In order to eliminate potential issues, please try testing with your computer directly connected to your broadband modem. Make sure to remove any additional computers connected to your network (if you have a multi-port modem). Speed tests run over a Wi-Fi connection are not recommended.

Why do different computers get different results?

Computer operating systems, software installed, processor speed, memory and network interface types can cause different speed test results.

How many times should I run the test?

The best way to conduct any test, to establish a standard or trend, is to run it several times at different times of the day. It should be sufficient to run the tests three or four different times.

Why do my test results vary?

All of the devices between your computer and the server where the speed test resides can play a role in this. Each computer, switch, router, and server in the path can affect your results. Since your computer and the network are constantly changing your results may be impacted.

What speeds should I expect?

Your speed test results should be roughly 80 percent or more of the broadband service tier you're currently subscribing to. AP&T provides an at best effort broadband service where speeds will be “up to” the subscribed speed, however we do our best to make sure our broadband customers are capable of reaching 80 percent or more of their subscribed speed.